Pressure Measuring Instruments

FCO770 Production Line Leak Detector


The FCO770 is the latest high specification leak detector from Furness Controls and builds on the highly successful FCO750. Suitable for bench-top mounting or integration into automated assembly fixtures, the FCO770 offers a touchscreen graphical interface to combine great functionality with simplicity of use.

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FCO752 Production line Flow Meter


The FCO752 offers a no-compromise approach to all production line flow measurement requirements. In addition to standard flow tests the FCO752 can be used for leak testing as well as carrying out blockage tests for determining partial blockages in products and components. Used to test a wide variety of different components including Exhaust systems, Laser drillings, Medical devices, Cookers, Gas Fires, Boilers, castings, and fuel pumps to name but a few.

The FCO752 is quite possibly the most flexible, reliable, and diverse flow meter available today.

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FCO560 Portable Pressure & Flow Calibrator


The FCO560 fulfils the requirements for low differential pressure calibration of transmitters, transducers and pressure switches. An external 4-20mA loop powered pressure transducer may be used as a reference for calibration of higher pressure. The unit can also be combined with Laminar Flow Elements to provide a flow calibrator which can cover flows from less than 1 ml/min to over 30,000 l/min.

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FCO332 Differential Pressure Transmitter


The FCO332 is the ideal cost effective option for air handling applications as well as glove boxes and clean rooms. It's versatility allows easy re-configuration as well as providing various voltage outputs along with standard 4 – 20 mA. The optional LCD display enables it to be used for a multitude of applications.

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