Outdoor Air Monitors

Series 500 – Portable Air Quality Sensor


The Series 500 air quality sensor enables accurate real-time surveying of common outdoor air pollutants, all in an ultra portable handheld monitor. Air quality professionals typically use the Series 500 for short term air quality studies and carrying out checks on pollution “hot spots”. The Series 500 can also be deployed for short term fixed monitoring by adding an optional outdoor enclosure.

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Series 200 – Portable Air Quality Testing


The Series 200 monitor is a cost-effective portable monitor that can be used to accurately measure a range of gases at different concentrations. It is an entry level air quality testing device designed for spot checking outdoor air pollutants, for personal exposure monitoring or for education purposes. The display can be configured to show the real-time gas concentrations or to display the minimum, maximum and average readings.

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AQM 65 Air Monitoring Station with Integrated Calibration


The AQM 65 is a fully integrated air monitoring station offering near reference levels of performance. The size of a suitcase it can be configured to measure up to 20 different gaseous and particulate pollutants and environmental parameters simultaneously. The AQM 65 offers the optimal balance between performance and price – measuring criteria pollutants to WHO air quality limits yet costing 3-5 x less than a traditional station based on analyzser technology.

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Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Meter


The Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Meter can be configured for many different applications: construction, waste, mining, transportation, consultancy and research. The instrument is designed to provide reliable real time indicative particulate measurement of PM10 using a well proven near forward light scattering nephelometer and high precision sharp cut cyclone. By changing the sharp cut cyclone the Dust Sentry can also measure PM2.5, PM1 or TSP.

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