Isokinetic Sampling

Isostack G4


The Isostack G4 is available in two versions: all in one (G4-one) and split (G4-two), both available with a 4 or 8 m3/h pump to meet different types of use.The functionalities of the software allow you to manage the sampling in an easy and intuitive manner. Main utilities are auto check at start, leak test in line during sampling, duct library, automatic re-start in case of flue gas velocity alarm.

The Isostack G4 allows you to follow quality control procedures for automatic isokinetic sampling. Each sensor and measured parameter has calibration traceability stored in the instrument's memory downloadable via USB. The autocalibration function allows you to verify the calibration of flow and volume measurement elements.

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Flowtest St


Compatible with the majority of pitot tubes and thermocouples on the market, Flowtest St performs the measurement and records velocity, temperature and pressure point-by-point.

In accordance with UNI EN 13284, ISO 9096, UNI 10169, USEPA M2.

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Pitot Tubes


Constructed in Inox Steel AISI 316, equipped with thermocouple type K. Different lengths available..

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EG Peltier cooling system


The main advantages of the EG Peltier system are its light weight and small size.? The glass kit is located in 3 cooled cylindrical containers. To use the system, it is not necessary to add water and/or ice.

Charcoal tubes are located inside the system and are cooled and protected from the eventual source of heat and UV rays.

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The IGLOO is equipped with an independent refrigerating system, which allows the unit to operate for long periods without ice or water at low temperatures. The Igloo is also available in the following versions:


Equipped with a refrigerating pump, activated by a separate switch.


Incorporates a refrigerating pump and two thermoregulators for Tecora’s heated probe regulation.

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Isofrost 2


Isofrost 2 allows temperature control and liquid recirculation. It is recommended for micropollutant condensing or temperature-controlled cooling baths.

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Isokinetic probes


Tecora offers a wide range of isokinetic probes, integrated and dividable, plus a wide range of accessories to perform different kinds of samplings (manual, isokinetic, micropollutants, acids, etc), in accordance with EN and USEPA norms.

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