Gas sampling systems-Source testing



DDS is equipped with a membrane pump, a precision flow meter and a dry gas meter. The two streams are regulated independently, so the dilution ratio should be changed to satisfy different stack conditions. The temperatures inside the dry gas meter are read by 2 digital thermometers.

A multistage protection trap shields the instrument from? damage caused by accidental liquid aspiration.

A multistage filter on dilution air removes any kind of particulate and organic pollutants.

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Easy Gas


EASY GAS is equipped with a large silica gel trap and a protective filter. This solution allows you to avoid pump damage from aggressive stack gases or simply from accidental suction of adsorbing solution.

EASY GAS is supplied with a battery charger/power supply and can also be used from the mains.

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DDS/EG Sampling probe


The DDS/EG probe is equipped with a heated filter holder and a heated dilution chamber. Only stainless steel parts are in contact with gas. Sampling tubes are available in different shapes and lengths, according to standard sampling methods.

The probe is supplied with a carrying case containing a 220/110-12 V power supply and a battery that allows it to work even if there is no power.

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Bravo Series


Bravo Basic is the economic portable constant flow rate sampler suitable for dust and gas sampling either in stack or in ambient. It is equipped with an LCD-type week-based timer, allowing you to turn the pump on and off. The digital thermometer shows the measured temperature of the gas at the dry gas meter. The sampled flow rate is set and read through two rotameters.

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Flowcal Air


Flowcal Air allows you to perform all the necessary controls to verify the calibration of certain parameters which are normally measured by a sampler, like flowrate, pressure and temperature. This characteristic makes Flowcal Air unique for testing the accuracy of an instrument and following a quality system procedure.

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