Air Velocity Meters

Climomaster Model 6501 series


The world's most accurate hot-wire anemometer with a 2% accuracy - a research-grade multi-function instrument with detachable compatible probes. Probe Compatibility feature allows you to have spare probes. Detachable probe. Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function. Large data storage, stores up to 20,000 measurements. Differential Pressure available as an option.

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Anemomaster LITE Model 6006


Economical palm-size and feather-weight standard hot-wire anemometer; easy one button operation; probe is replaceable in the field without the need to recalibrate.Temperature compensation circuit for high accuracy. Display readings in both metric and imperial units

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Anemomaster Model 6815


Vane Anemometers are an excellent choice for measuring turbulent airflows. The anemomaster 6810 series offers a 1% accuracy and is able to accurately measure airflows as low as 40 feet per minute.

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Anemomaster Model 6113 Series


High velocity (up to 50 m/s), multi-function hot-wire Anemometer; the 6113 includes a built-in printer. Probe Compatibility feature allows utilization of a spare probe. Simultaneously measures of air velocity, temperature, and pressure measurements. Large, easy-to-read LCD

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Airflow Transducer Model 6332 / 6332D


Compact, low profile design available with and without display. 8 types of probes available for a vareity of applications. Probes quickly and easily attach/detach. 0-5V / 4 - 20mA Output.

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