AC+DC Power Sources / Amplifiers

Programmable AC+DC Power Sources 3kVA ~ 67kVA (DC+0.01Hz ~ 1kHz)


The N4A range of Programmable AC+DC Power Sources provide breakthrough low distortion performance previously unseen from a “Switched Topology” Source, the implementation of a proprietary “6 legged output stage” effectively creates a very high switching frequency for waveform construction – thus providing lower distortion. The N4A offers the unique ability to generate both high frequency power waveforms up to 1kHz as well as low frequency power waveforms down to 0.01Hz. This feature enables the engineer to simulate low frequency power devices such as wind turbines with very low fundamental frequencies. Up until now, switching topologies have suffered from higher distortion levels than that of the more established Linear approach. The introduction of the N4A power sources signifies a new chapter in low distortion AC Power Source technology.

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